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HI Mama...I was in the same boat as you. My baby was breech on Monday Nov. 13th(which I was 37 weeks and 2 days). The midwife turned the baby in her office....and he/she went head down. Then several days later I was 99% sure the baby was breech again. I was feeling the hard spot at the top(head) and the heart beat I was finding was up higher which is supportive of it being breech. This Sunday(38 weeks and 1 day) I was having contractions, and a miserable day(you probably read my post about being scared)...I was freaking out that I was in labor and that I was going to have a breech baby(my other 3, I never dealt with having a baby that was breech). So then this past Monday(38 weeks and 2 days), I had my midwife appointment. The baby was no longer breech!! Praise the Lord!! The midwife and I discussed things and we are wondering if Sunday when I was having so many contractions and freaking out if that was when the baby was turning head down on his/her own!! It came up in our conversation too that moms that have given birth several times have more stretched out muscles and that can make more room so the baby doesn't feel the need to go head down as there's still hope. I had scheduled an appointment for the webster technique for today, but since the baby was turned, I cancelled(I would have still gone because my midwife assured me it wouldn't hurt anything), but the chiro wasn't covered by my insurance and I would have had to pay out of pocket and since money is tight i figured since he/she was head down, I would skip it.

I was so sure I was going to have to have a breech birth, and became surprised that he/she turned this late in the game. I hope yours turns too. Peace, prayers and blessings Mama!!

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