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An Update:

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I went to the doc Monday afternoon and found out that I had gone in to premature labor. I was dialated to 3cm and had bulging membranes, so my doc shipped me up to the hospital and I was put on magnesium sulfate (if you've never been on it, stay far, far away. it's awful) to stop my contractions, which were coming about every 3-4 minutes at that point. After 36 hours on the magnesium, they backed it off and eventually stopped it, but kept me in the hospital on monitors until last night. I was released under the understanding that I am on strict bedrest until I deliver this baby.

Long story short, we're stable. My DH lectured our newest DD and made it clear that she simply can not be born yet. We're not ready, so she has to wait. Let's hope she listens to her daddy!

It was scary, but my DH and our medical team was wonderful. I would have loved to have a pregnancy with little to no interventions, but if it means a healthier baby and healthier mama, I'll take what I can get.

If anyone has any suggestions for local agencies that we can contact for financial assistance, please let me know. That will be our biggest hurdle now, as we are short one income 12 weeks sooner than we had planned.

Thank you for all your well wishes, mamas. We're gonna keep this baby cookin whether she likes it or not! Keep your fingers crossed that I make it to 34 weeks!
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Oh wow. How scary, i'm so glad they were able to get things stabilized for you.

I don't have any information for you, but wanted to send you big, big hugs and hope that things continue to go OK for all of you!!
As a mama who went through something similar this weekend, hugs to you! I was having bleeding & some contractions. Baby showed to be fine & they gave me some steroids in case baby comes early, but so far no bedrest. I just have to take it easy.

I have no ideas on financial help. As for other ways to get through bed rest, do a google search. Someone on the doula list that I'm on just asked about this, so if I get any info that way, I'll post it.

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I am thankful everything is ok now, but how scary that sounds for you. What you were describing the other day did not sound normal, I am glad you were taken care of.

Contact WIC, they at least may help food wise. Some of it is junk, but you can get whole grain cereals, eggs, cheese, etc. Once you are nursing, you will get peanut butter (my lifesaver), carrots, and some other things I don't remember. Best thing is you shop for it, so you can get the good organic stuff. You may have to pay a little for it, but at least it is a discount.

WIC might also have some other ideas for finacial assistance...what about disability??

I'm so sorry

I went through that the first time at 31weeks. Bedrest sucks!
You can probably file for short term disability IIRC. Here, WIC only allows you to buy the generic items (you can't upgrade even if you pay), but if you need it it's better than nothing.
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Sarah- hang in there! I will ask at the nicu today if there are any assistance programs. The only ones I know of are for babies born already but I can see...

But rest rest rest! KIT!
What a scare, but I'm glad to know you and baby are alright. (((hugs))) to you!
I am sooo glad you got that second opinion! I'm sorry though that you are on bedrest, it is really tough. As others said, you might be able to look into short term disability. See if you can google state disability plus the name of your state. I hope they have something available to help!
Oh, Sarah, how scary! I'm so glad that you and that little girlie are okay ... stay put a bit longer, little one, okay?!

Take care of yourself, let others care for you, and while I don't have any advice, I will be sending you lots of good thoughts that the financial side works out ... it is a worry you for sure don't need!

Best Wishes! Rest, rest, rest! (as others have said)
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hang in there mama! keep that baby cooking as long as you can.

i actually was not feeling the greatest today so i'm gonna try to take it easy myself this weekend... with this second pregnancy everything seems like it is coming so quickly!
Hugs to you mama! I hope that little lady stays put for several more weeks! Hang in there!
I'm jumping in from August. 1st of all I'm hoping your baby girl stays put for a bit longer.

As for the financial situation, I don't know what the income is that you are left with, but it might be worth it to check into Medicaid. It will cover whatever your insurance doesn't for the rest of your pg and cover the baby after she is born.

Mama--Does your work not have long term disability? We had someone go out here and was essentially out for the entire pregnancy, but she was covered for the majority of it, getting 75% of her salary under long-term disability....
Thank you so much for your support, mamas!

I am a temp, and the temp agency that I work(ed) for does not have any disability. Nor do they have any benefits. We were hoping for at least a little bit of paid vacation time, but that wouldn't kick in until I'd been with the agency for a year straight, and my one year anniversary was June 1. So that's out.

We did get a huge blessing from my DIL's. They offered to pay our rent for three months. They truly are amazing people. My MIL was on bedrest with my DH for two and a half months, so she understands where we're coming from, and knows how much of a strain it was. Especially because in her situation, she was the breadwinner while FIL was a student. So, that's at least a portion of the strain off our shoulders. Also, my parents have offered to come down every saturday from here on out to help straighten up the house, do laundry, whatever else is needed, because DH is working his normal 70-80 hours a week, and he just doesn't have the energy to be a housekeeper after those long days!

I checked with our county's Department of Social Services, and it turns out that we don't qualify for any assistance. We make too much, with one income, to qualify for any kind of help, be it cash assistance, medicaid, or food stamps. WIC is out as well.

We'll make it. Somehow, we always get what we need, be it through the kindness of strangers, or the smiling of the Universe, it all works out.

Thank you again for all your support. We're hoping to get this little one to 32 weeks, at least!
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