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Anchorage/Valley OB/midwife recommendations

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Hi ladies,

I need help on a recommendation for someone who delivers babies in the Anchorage or Valley areas.

I live in Bethel right now but just found out (at 18 weeks) it costs so much per appointment here at the hospital it's cheaper to fly out and get my care elsewhere. I have family in Anchorage that I can stay with near delivery.

What I'm looking for is a natural-birth friendly provider who would be willing to work with me not being in town... I can fly in every month or so but at this point, I couldn't even get another appointment at the Bethel docs until 19 weeks, and I found out they charge $400 apiece. Eek! And I'm a low risk pregnancy. We have insurance but my whole L&D with #2 cost like $2400 and I'm not willing to pay $400/appointment for a super low risk pregnancy just so I can deliver locally. Would've been nice, but I'm just not into it.

I'm going to call the office that delivered #2 and see if they will help me out, if not, it's cold calling places and I'd rather work off of "this person is good" etc. since I have to fly out and meet them for this.

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I had 2 great homebirths here. PM later if you're still looking.

For a birth center, Barb Norton is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! She was my backup in case I went over 2 weeks late w/either kid. She is truly an amazing woman and knows how to work (with) the system.
Barb Norton eh? Is she in the phone book privately as a midwife or does she work at one of the midwiferies out there (which one?)

I can't do a homebirth with this kiddo because I'll be staying at someone else's house if I come to town to deliver... (my folks' house)... it'd never fly, and I don't think I'd want to do it there either. LOL

I would've loved to consider HB but my circumstances rule it out (no-one to attend here, and no "home" to use anywhere else, LOL - I'm not personally "into" UC) so it's birth center or hospital for me. Other 2 were hospital births (#1 was was hard, #2 was a piece of cake...).
Barb does bcenter or hosp. I think it's just under her name in the book. She's in midtown--very central. I think it's just her and one other nurse at their center and she was hosp privileges so if you have to go to the hosp, she can still do it all.

MatSu midwives also have a bcenter just as you get off the highway into Wasilla. They are great for birthing but surprisingly not very AP.

There's also another bcenter person in Anch but I don't know her.
I delivered with Laura Gore at the Geneva Woods BC (Barb is at Geneva Woods Womens Health Care). I agree love them all!! The BC is beautiful and I saw it and knew this is where I wanted to have my babe, really a great delivery. Laura is CDM (certified direct entry midwife) with Karin as a back up (Karin and Barb are CNM with hosp privledges). Good luck and pm or post if you cant find them.
Oh they have a website if you do a search for geneva woods and midwives I think you might find it has pics and bios on all staff.

sorry so sloppy I am nak
Thanks y'all! I did end up calling the geneva woods birth center and they are willing to help me out. I'm really excited!
I didnt click with the Geneva Woods team. I wound up chosing the "other" LOL, birthcenter midwives, though I am doing a homebirth, all things allowing. I think. They dont have hospital privileges though, so if you want them, you might want to stick with Barb. I just couldn't feel comfy with the CNM midset. I love Bethel, at The Birth Center, she has 11 kids, 6 bio, 5 adopted. Shes such a great woman. You can check out their website too. But, either way, I hope you find someone who will work wonders with your unique situation.
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