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Ancient Egypt for a 4 year old

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My 4 year old has been really into reading about ancient Egypt lately. We have a book on mummies and one on the gods and goddesses, which she devours (the gods/goddess book is what she has chosen for her bedtime book the last few nights, LOL...).

Does anyone have any suggestions for more reading? The problem is finding books that are geared towards younger kids--anything past early elementary level is a bit too much for her.

Any activity suggestions?


(PS: I've cross-posted this in the Gifted forum. Hope that's ok!)
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My kid (7) really liked the "Adventures in Ancient Egypt (Good Times Travel Agency)" by Linda Bailey and "You Wouldn't Want to Be a Pyramid Builder: A Hazardous Job You'd Rather Not Have". They are both books with lots of pictures, are fairly humorous, and good information.

There are a couple other Egyptian books in the "You Wouldn't Want to Be......."
series. He really liked "Mummies in the morning" from the Magic Tree House series, it is a chapter book, but we first did it as a read aloud in kindergarten.
The suggestions you have gotten so far are wonderful, I read your post on the gifted board as well. Especially the DK books... well no actually all of them.
I would add to it the activity book for Story of the World volume 1. There are GREAT activities in there for ancient Egypt. My second dd loved doing the chicken mummy activity at your dd's age. If your family watches t.v. then I would go over to the discover channel and PBS websites and look for some videos on there. I cant remember the name but when we studied ancient Egypt with L we found a great DVD about the Nile along with some other ones, so look around and I am sure you will find some fantastic ones.
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We recently read Ms. Frizzle's Adventures: Ancient Egypt, and had fun doing so. It isn't very long but is cute.
We're going over Ancient Egypt with my 5 year old. She's not reading her own books on this yet, but certainly her interest, attention span, and retention are probably a bit advanced for this age range. Here's our activities, books, and projects pertaining to Ancient Egypt:

We are enjoying Tales of Ancient Egypt as a read-aloud this month. It may be over your 4 year old's reading level, but we've been enjoying the in-depth stories and I love reading aloud.
OMG, I think she would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE mummifying a chicken. Is that in Story of the World activity book, not the regular text? She loves helping me butcher chickens for dinner and she has learned a lot of anatomy/physiology this way.

Thanks all for the suggestions! I've got requests in to the library now.
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Yes it is in the activity book for Story of the World Vol. 1 I love the activity books that go with that series everyone of them are absolutely full of great ideas for activities, crafts and recipes.
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