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Hi, I'm late signing up!
I'm SAHM to 27 month old dd and expecting dd#2 on Thanksgiving. Yes, we found out the sex, even though "technicallY" I don't believe in doing so. I just couldn't seem to grasp the reality of this second pregnancy and feel the ecstasy I did with dd #1 and thought it would help confirm that, indeed, we are having another little bundle.
It did kind of do that, and it does make talking names a little easier. About 50% easier. And I AM thrilled aobut the new little one - it's just tough while chasing a toddler to have a chance to play CD's and sing to a little fetus, kwim? I'm kind of getting over my guilt about feeling differently during this pregnancy b/c I know I'll love this child fiercely. But, by the way, has anyone else experienced feelings of loss with a second pregnancy? The other day it really hit me that dd, who I love more than life itself, will never have me all to herself again, and vice-versa, and I felt such grief. Anyone else experienced this? I don't think dh got it at all when i tried to tell him.
Anyway, I'm just checking out the threads for this due date club. I was more of a lurker on mdc with last pregnancy and have lurked and posted some since then but never did a due date club, so hey, this looks like fun. Perhaps this is the best place for TMI? Ie, the thread on pregnancy stink - so true. We are a bit more pungent, aren't we? And nobody really wants to hear us talk about it, I suppose.
ONe more fun fact about me. I just got diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis. Fun fun. So am taking flagyl. Apparently BV is associated with preterm labor etc etc so I'm glad I mentioned to my MW that I was feeling a little "moister'. TMI, I know. Anyway, it's a strange thing. I just figured it was the usual pregnancy girl thing b.c there was nothing unpleasant about it, although in the heat wave last week it was less fun. Enough info. Ciao!
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