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And now I'm back..from outerspace!

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We've moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico on the 21st of May.
We are settling in, but are not completely settled yet.
All is going well. I have not gone to a doctor or midwife, which is just as well, my records are not here yet. I still have a few weeks before I'm due for a check up.
So far all seems well.
For awhile there I was swelling a lot, and was very afraid something was wrong. [I had PIH and Pre-e with my first pregnancy, so any warning sign freaks me out!] Luckily the swelling would go down as soon as I laid down and drank ice water. So we went to the pharmacy and checked my blood pressure 103/68, which is low and normal for me pre-pregnancy, so I'm happy. Since then, I've had no problems. It was either me doing too much, or me stressing too much.
Anyway, I'm back online and hope to catch up. If anything important happend while I was away, let me know or PM me!

hope all is well with you!!
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Welcome Back!! Things are just normal around here
Glad you are back!!
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