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Hi, I'm new to this forum but I've read a lot
and I've been wearing my ds since he was born. I have a ring sling and a Storchenweige 4 meter wrap.

Last winter when Gabriel was little I would carry him in the wrap in a tummy-to-tummy position with my own coat over both of us and it was great.

But now he's too big for that, I ve got to carry him on the hip or in my back. But where do I put my coat and his ?

I've tried putting them under the sling or wrap but it's really difficult to get it well adjusted because the fabrics are slippery or all the layers make a lot of mess. And besides it looks like the volume makes it a lot heavier and it kills my back.

And if I put my coat over the sling it's light and easy again but as it is half open it really can't be a too cold or windy day ...and I just can't figure out a way to use a back position.

How do you manage to wear your toddler in wintertime? Thanks for your help...
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