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And on the 7th day God created.....

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This just arrived from Shannon from Harleyz Diapers. It is a WIO with four snap ins. I bought Gymboree tops to match. If you cannot tell I am thrilled.

I am in LOVE.
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OMG that is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute.......... I miss buying gymboree for my DD but she is 10 now and wont wear it....... not to mention they dont make cloths her size..........:LOL

That *is* cute!

You, umm, don't cd to save money do you??

I am a total ebay used-clothes person
As in, I bought 15-20 dresses on Ebay for Libby's summer wardrobe for under $30 and that's what she gets

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OOO..Please do not get the wrong idea. I only buy Gymboree when it is on sale there. I ALWAYS use Gymbucks to get the max for the dollar too.
did that link show you all of my other pics? Don't want to link to my husbands boring stuff etc.
nope i saw your beautiful littl babe and all her dipes.........
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Adding link again....

Hopefully this will not link you to all of my other crap.
No, no, and you CAN get good deals on Gymboree, I agree!!!

She just has an amazing little matching wardrobe!

Gymbucks are the way to go if you shop there for sure!
That is tooooooo cute! I love fruit prints!

I need to save money....I need to save money....I need to save money....I need to save money...I need to save money :LOL
Oh wow- where is JenninSeattle? She's got a thing for fruit. Very nice!
OMGosh that is gorgious !!!! i got dibs if you ever sell it!! lol Im not one for fruit but holy smokes that is just aawsome!!!!
That is so gorgeous! Shan does amazing appliques. I really want a WIO from her one of these days. Ds is in the breastfed runny poops stage though so I am afraid of WIOs for now. He uses his Luxe Baby WIO just as a cover. Girls are so much fun, I'd love to get my 2 yr old a pretty WIO, but I can not leave her in just a diaper, she takes it all off. She has to have clothes over.
OMG!!!!!! thats all I can say! Now I CANNOT wait for my custom Harleyz WIO do be done!!!!!
Oh My!! That is unbelievable. Adorable (and we do love Gymboree too, just don't get it very often)
Thanks for all the compliments.

Yes you CAN get good deals at Gymboree. I live pretty close to the mall, so I stop by often looking for sales. A lot of the time they have the sidewalk sale going on and I buy for next years size. Also my sister is a single Mother and I like to buy her boys things there too. It's about buying at the right time. Of course I have to pay full price for CHristmas or Easter dresses, they sell out like a Kiwi there in my babies size usually. My neighbor is a full time cardiac nurse and her husband is a doctor and they make excellent money together of course and she is the same way. We always shop the sales together. It makes NO sense to pay full price for children's clothing when they wear it for only so long. KWIM?
Wow!!! That is breathtaking.
I am SO glad I can't justify WIO's at this point (and don't try to talk me into

But I'd love that
That is absolutely beautiful!

I'm all about gymboree for my girls, too. Great quality that I can pass down from one to the other.
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