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and yet *another* reason to use cloth diapers...

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My DD#1 had this horrible goose-bump like rash all over her back and tummy.... I thought it was allergies, rubella, fifths disease, excema, or some other unknown virus. I had no idea why she had this.

Well, I've figured out what it was that my DD was reacting to... disposable diapers. I was putting them on her for night times for about a month and a half, till the bag I had ran out. After stopping using disposables, her rash has gradually disapeared. And last week, I put her in disposables for a couple of nights and on the end of the second day (two nights in sposies) her skin on her back and belly was getting that bumby-weird rash again. So, no more sposies (ever if I can help it) for my babies. I think that there is some majorly weird stuff in those things, and it's crazy that some kids have to sit in those toxic diapers all the time. I wonder what it does to their bodies where it's not on the surface?

Another good reason to never put a disposable diaper on your baby.(yuck!
: )
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YUCK! Your poor baby!
OMG! My ds has that same horrible goose-bump like rash all over his back and tummy too! We've tried all kinds of treatments, but nothing has worked and I was going to ask his ped. about it at his appt. next week. I've been putting him to bed at night in sposies, and never even considered that to be a possible cause of the rash since the rash is not on his bum or groin area. I'll have to try to keep him in 100% cloth for the rest of the week and see if his rash improves at all. If it starts to clear up, I'll be forever greatfull. Thanks for sharing this info!
We have that problem too with name brand sposies (but the cheap store ones are just fine
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poor baby! I'm glad you figured out the problem - It does make you feel sorry for babes who sit in those things all day every day for 2-3 yrs though doesn't it?
Poor little baby!! I'm glad that you found out the problem and that it's all cleared up.

Poor baby!

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