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And yet another "Would these work" question...

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Sorry guys
But I found yet another site offering wool pants and I really like the looks of these. There is a really high rise that is really appealing to me since that is one of the trouble spots I have with Emily. They are one up from the bottom on this page, called "Nappy Pants". I like the ankle length ones - not the knee length ... maybe for warmer weather though...who knows lol.
In any case, all you wool knowledgeable mamas...please disect these for me - I'm tempted to get a pair to try out but don't want to end up with another unusable pair. Thanks!!
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Those look pretty nice! I like that they are 2 layers too.
Good price as well! If you try them, let us know how they work.

That baby on that site is so darned cute too!!!

Oh, and did you notice that their dipes are peroxide bleached???
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I agree, those look really nice and DARN IT I wish I could afford that wool onsie
ADORABLE baby on this site lol.
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I think those look really nice ....I think it seems like a good price to try it out. and organic, too!!

oh my goodness...those little hats are great too!!!
We use those as jammies here in where it's cooooooollllllld in the winter (-40). I haven't tried them as soaker pants to tell the truth, as I haven't tried them yet this winter and last winter I didn't think of full-length wool soakers! :LOL but they are built like crats in thickness so I just may test this over the next 2 months when it gets beyond cold, and I will report back.
THANK YOU for the link!! I have been looking for this kind of woolen underware everywhere since we moved to the US with no luck! All kids in Denmark have these nice thin, yet warm wool under shirts and onesies, and we really missed them last winter...
Okay...I'm definitley going to give these a shot! I'd love to try one of the Organic Wool Underdungarees (that looks SO comfy) and one or two of the onesies too - they do look great don't they!
Poliana...I'm glad I was able to help you find something that you were looking for
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