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AngelPack versus BabyHawk

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nak...Trying to decide b/t the two. They look pretty much the same, which do you prefer? Want to wear itt long term an hiking. tia
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Angelpacks have a taller, slightly wider body than Babyhawks, although there is a new Babyhawk with a headrest available now. How old/big is your baby?
He's five months today
: and weighs 19 pounds. Really quite cute, but that's neither here nor there...
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Angelpacks are taller and the shoulder straps are more angled. Also, the body is not "framed" like a BH. The padding in the shoulder straps is different, IME BH is a little bit more padded. Both are really well made mei tais. However, body type really factors into how well a certain mei tai fits you. I am short with a short torso and BH fits really well. AP fits me okay, too, but not as well.
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