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I'll apologize in advance for the length!

My friend, D, has a 2yo and a 2mo. Her neice, K, was adopted by her grandma (D's mom) at birth. D's mom had a stroke in Feb. and K went from being a SAHK to a day care kid overnight.

Fast forward 4 months and D's hubby flies down to Atlanta to get K and bring her back up here. So now D has a 2yo, a 2mo and a 4yo. They will be formally adopting K soon.

I'm sure you can imagine the anger and frustration K has right now.
She is also lacking verbal abilities and will be going to speech therapy and will be enrolled in preschool part time.

The problem lies in K's biting other children. She got through two days of VBS the other week and then was asked to leave because she was biting other kids. D has seen K bite her 2yo while D is watching her (K moves so fast D can't prevent it). D acted on instinct last week and slapped K across the face when she did it. D feels badly about this and knows it is not the way to deal with the problem - mama bear instinct just took over.


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