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Anika Ida Marion

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Arrived Friday April 3rd, born at home

I was having lots of prodormal labour the entire week, but Friday was definitely starting to have contractions get my attention. I told the midwife at my morning appointment that I felt the baby would be here by the end of the weekend.

DH and I spent the day together with ODD, ate spicy soup for lunch, then I had a nice long nap - the contractions only woke me up once, I thought still prodormal labour. I didn't time them at all, just kind of looked at the clock now and then and noted they were still pretty irregular.

I hit the gym around 5:15, had a workout and a steam, then went to the grocery store - had four big contractions there, but still, nothing crazy - I barely had to breathe through them. We had a nice supper, and I sent DH off to his hockey game telling him we had lots of time before baby came.

I laid down with ODD to nurse her to bed, thinking nursing might help get things moving. As I laid with her, I felt two uncomfortable pops near my cervix, then my water broke with a massive gush all over the d*mn bed (which I hadn't put the waterproof sheet on yet because baby wasn't coming anytime soon).

It was funny - I kept telling everyone we weren't going to be having this baby soon, and everyone was rushing around, I just kept shaking my head at them.

3 hours after my water broke, the baby was born. I guess the joke was on me....labour was way easier than the last time, but pushing was tougher than with ODD. I kept changing positions, then finally got on the bed on all fours and roared her out.

8 pounds, 12 ounces of perfection was born at 11:08 and we named her Anika. She's so sweet and precious and she's my last baby and I'm already bittersweet about it.

Thanks to everyone here at MDC and especially in this DDC for the support and fantastic information. I really believe my birth went especially well because I was so well informed, educated, and relaxed about the whole thing. And I owe a lot of that to everyone here


P.S. I have to say that I'm so glad I stuck it out nursing ODD - tandem nursing kicks butt, I eat whatever I want, have almost no engorgement, and am already almost back to my pre-pregnancy weight at 6 days PP!
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congrats mama & welcome anika!!! pushing was harder for me too this time around. Funny how that works! Seems like you had a great birth. way to go!
Congrats! Sounds like a great birth!

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then finally got on the bed on all fours and roared her out.
love it!!!

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