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Annie's Goddess Dressing

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So we love this stuff... except for the pricetag. I thought I'd make my own, and googled it, and ended up on this blog with this rant about the nutritional content.

What say you wise mamas about these claims that it is inherently an unhealthy food? I'd never heard anyone rant against xantham gum before.
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IDK about xanthan gum, but that blog looks pretty nutty to me. A Goddess-like dressing is easy to make at home with tahini, olive oil, herbs, warm water and apple cider vinegar. I make it without the vinegar to dip nori rolls, as we did at a macrobiotic place I used to work in.
Unless you are sensitive to corn products, I wouldn't worry too much about it. The author of the article you linked is in an uproar over corn syrup. Corn syrup itself isn't really an issue (it's not health food, but it's not some toxic brew, ya know?) - High Fructose Corn syrup, on the other hand should be avoided as much as possible. Of course, there's the whole corn GMO issue...

As for it being a slime... I have some in my cupboard and it looks like baking soda.

Gluten Free baking relies on XG but does say you can substitute Guar Guar (sp?) - I'm not sure what that is made from since I don't use it, but it might be worth looking into if you are concerned about XG.
I'd have liked to see the author be a little less inflammatory and a little more explanatory. I don't know much about xanthum gum, but 'bacteria slime' doesn't, in and of itself, scare me that much. What do you think probiotics are? Or B12? We eat tons of bacteria and it's not inherently TEH EVIL!

Of course it's better to make it ourselves, but trying to demonize the next best available option, seems . . . just silly to me. Sometimes I need to grab some pre-made salad dressing, and I'm glad that a natural and organic vegan option exists, ya know?
Okay, I've poked around a bit for info on both xantham gum and the ingredients in Goddess dressing, and I've decided that the author of that article is . . . to be taken with a grain of salt (OMG SODIUM INTAKE IT WILL DESTROY YOU!!!!11)
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LOL! Yes, that's what I think. I regularly am ladling up kombucha from the container on the counter that FREAKS my friends and family out.

But I'm so used to being the one on the rant, that I was surprised to find a rant out there that I hadn't heard!

So... any other recipes for homemade tahini dressing? bacteria slime or not, I need to cut our grocery budget a bit.
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Trader Joe's has goddess dressing & it's not as pricy but the way we go through it... well, let's say we definitely should make our own more often!!

When I make my own it's with tahini, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, spices (paprika, onion powder, garlic, parsley, chives, etc.)... blend in a blender... it comes out pretty good but I think I need to compare the 2 side by side to figure out why it's not as awesome as Annie's/TJ's....

Oh and I don't think it's unhealthy, especially because I eat way more salads & veggies when I have goddess dressing to put on them!! I often eat GF & xantham gum is in lots of GF baking...

OK just looked up Annie's and the ingredients are:

*Canola Oil, Water, *Tahini, *Apple Cider Vinegar, *Soy Sauce (water, *soybeans, sea salt *wheat), *Lemon Juice, Sea Salt, *Garlic, *Sesame Seeds, *Parsley, *Chives, Xanthan Gum
I think the last time I made it I put too much vinegar. If I get a chance to make it again I'll measure the amounts & try to come up with an actual recipe...
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I am positive I have several tahini dressings similar to Annie's ... I'll share asap. Funny - I tried the bottled Annie's dressing and thought it tasted awful. I'd heard it was so wonderful ... love the design of the label though!
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