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Kelli (MW) arrived here at 1 and started out by checking me (I was 2 stretchy to 4 still) and then she rubbed some oil on my belly and did a good massage. She followed that by pressing points on my knees and I could feel the contractions start. Then she massaged my ankles and they got stronger. About 1:30 she sat down to finish crocheting the hat for Raeghan and had me tell her when my ctx came - they were about 2 minutes apart. By 2:30 they were getting stronger and Kelli announced that I had been contracting steadily on my own for an hour and we were gonna have a baby.

By 3:30 Chris got home and I was moaning through the contractions and told Kelli it was time for the tub (she had said, "when you can't stand it anymore, get in"). Somewhere around 4:15 I asked her if I could push, that if felt better to bear down. Goodness, it was just so intense, there were times I thought, "I can't do this" but I wouldn't let myself say it out loud. I just kept yelling through them, Kelli would say, "take a few through your nose for me" every once in a while but other than the only person I was really aware of was Chris holding my hand.

I pushed for 11 minutes - Kelli told me to see if I could feel her head but as I got my hand back there I got another ctx and said no, so she reached in to feel and I was complete and she told me to push against her hand and that really helped. I got her head out and didn't even know it - but then Kelli saw that the chord was wrapped around her neck so she said, "out of the tub onto your side" and she and Chris lifted me out and onto the floor and Kelli helped me get the shoulders out - she had to wiggle her a bit and I'm a little bruised from it but out she came and she pooped all over everyone on the way!! I didn't see it but Kelli said it was everywhere! LOL

She was slow to breathe, she was grunting and pink but just wouldn't take that big breath so they gave her some blow-by and we talked to her and she came around.

I can't believe I did it - it's still so surreal!

She's perfect and awesome and we're all so in love with her - Ryland can't keep his hands and lips off of her.

8-4-06 9lb 20 3/4 inches
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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