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Welcome to the Best of Mothering Awards 2011!

celebrating our members most loved natural family products

Congratulations to our Winners!!!

1st place: kbvr

2nd place: mommel

3rd place: maself

Thank you to all who participated!

From October 24--November 28 Mothering is showcasing our members' knowledge of natural family products. Please help us help other parents by sharing your opinions about the products you use.

You must be a registered member and logged in to vote - registration is free!

Three final winners in each of 12 categories will be selected from member reviews (including photos and videos), member wish lists, polling in forums, profiles, and the advice of our expert panel. The top product in each category will receive the Mothering Seal of Approval.

Plus we have some huge prizes to give away to those members who participate the most (see below).

You agree to abide by THE RULES OF THIS CONTEST by taking part in any form.

How to Participate

Polls are now closed!
We are tallying results, and will announce next week!

Review Products
Reviews may still be submitted, but any reviews submitted after November 28th are not eligible for the contest. Winners are being selected and will be announced next week.

Visit the categories below and leave your personal reviews about the products you have used. Share all of the reasons why you love (or hate) a product. Upload a video of you or a family member demonstrating the product, or post your favorite pic of the product in use. See our how-to on how to write a truly helpful review.

Baby Carriers | Breastfeeding | Homeschooling | Car Seats | Cosleeping | Cloth Diapers | Natural Health Care | Personal Care-Baby, (Baby Bath, Baby Wipes, Diaper Creams, Baby Skin & Haircare) | Personal Care-Mom | Pregnancy and Birth | Nutrition and Good Eating | Arts and Crafts


1. Be created in one of the product categories above.

2. Be at least 100 words.

3. Contain at least one original photograph (taken by you) of the product reviewed.

4. Not have been submitted through a Mothering discussion thread.

How to Win

Members will win too. Two reviews will be selected each week and each of the winning reviewers will receive a $25 Amazon gift certificate. These winners will be announced and featured in our weekly newsletter, MyMothering.

Once the contest has ended, we will select the three members who have been the most active during the contest. Winners will be selected based on member reviews (including photos and videos), member wish lists, polling in forums, nominations and seconds in forums, and profiles.

Three final, CASH GRAND PRIZES will be given to the most active members. The prizes will be split 50/50 between the winner and the 501(C) 3 of her choice. See suggested charities in the post below.

First Place: $2000 ($1000 to member; $1000 to charity)

Second Place: $1000 ($500 to member; $500 to charity)

Third Place: $500 ($250 to member; $250 to charity)

Help us choose the Best of Mothering!
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