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Mylee Noelle

She was born Nov 415am.

She was welcomed by a village of loved ones and friends.
: A very amazing experience....she was birthed with her bag of waters fully intact. Such a peaceful enterance.

Active labor started at 1230pm or so. Pushing was 24 mins.

Labor was more intense then Angelo's. I did not feel a real urge to push due to the bag of waters sitting in the top of the birth canal. But once I tried pushing, she flew out!

She is 7 lbs 3 oz, 20 in long, 14 in head. A tiny peanut dispite being 2 weeks and 1 day overdue.

We believe that our dates are still pretty acurate based on skin, alertness, and feet creases....but only God will ever really know. I am grateful she decided to take her time and put on a little extra weight.

We are both doing well. I am in amazement of how beautiful and life changing homebirth is.
: I birthed Mylee on the bed where her 2 brothers and sister were sleeping. When she crowned, they were at my side with their daddy and my mother to welcome their sister
I could not have asked for more.

I have been truly blessed and am so grateful for all God has done for me.

I will check in later and post pics and a birth story

I love you all

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Oh my goodness! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!

You've been waiting so patiently, with such unbelievable grace for this. I am unbelievably happy for you.

Much love to you and your family and huge, huge hugs.
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