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Annoying week

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Wednesday, I come down with food poisoning, which then kick starts contractions, which become regular and five minutes apart, so I spend Thursday evening in labor and delivery on IV and terb.

This weekend, I go down to visit my parents (an hour and a half away) with my kids and partner. We go to IMAX 3-d. I am exhausted, because I haven't been sleeping more than three hours a night due to really bad pain in my upper right abdomen. In the movie, I start to fall asleep, but then I start having contraction on top of contraction, and they hurt, and I am all spaced out, feeling heavy low pressure, totally scared I'm in transition. We go to the hospital by my moms, I am contratcing every three minutes or so. I get more terb, an ultrasound for gallstones, fetal fibronectin, etc. etc. We are there for ten hours.

They want me on fairly extreme bed rest (i've been on modified for a couple months, which I've ignored lately) in, in bed and cannot lay on my back or sit up at all, complete side lying only.


I was feeling great the past couple weeks, the best I've felt the whole pregnancy, healthy and vibrant and strong. Then this...

And finals are coming up. Grrr...I feel so helpless like this. I want to go exercise,and get things ready and make love...

This sucks!
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Oh man mama, looks like you're dealing with a lot! I'm sorry things have not been going so well. Big hugs
to you. I hope things start looking up. We don't have much longer, hang in there mama! You too baby!
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Big hugs to you!!! I hope it all goes quickly and without any more stress.
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