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Oh ladies, I am so glad to see these other posts about 3-yos! Not glad you're going through this, but glad to see that my dd is not likely possessed or set up for a lifetime of serious psychiatric treatment.<br><br>
Most of the time dd's sweet and very charming, maybe a little too sweet and charming in kind of a fakey social way, but I'd written that off to the girly play at her daycare. (She's in PT, and they more or less leave the kids alone to play so long as they're safe/respectful.) Lately, though, she's been turning into a little demon. Not often. But a couple times a week now. Digging her nails into my arm and laughing, saying it's funny if things hurt, screaming that she hates me, calling me stupid. She told stbx that she was going to slash his tires and let the air out <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="jaw2"> (I am trying to find out where she heard this). Today she had a complete tornado of a tantrum and at the end fell, banged her head, and fell apart sobbing. We had a long talk about being angry and having big feelings, and...oh, man. Seriously, she's scary when she's like that. Just looks mean and destructive.<br><br>
Things have not been easy for her here in the last several months -- stbx and I have been separated for the last two years, but he filed for divorce in July, and since then things have been very rocky. He's got fairly severe mental-illness problems and can be abrupt in the changes he makes, so within a few months he's gone from being over here lots to seldom coming inside, and there's some pretty good hostility and mistrust now between us. We're civil, but there's essentially no communication. Meanwhile I've been working like a maniac to make sure dd and I have a decent place to live and that life will be stable for her. Things are calmer now than they were, but dd learned pretty fast that I wasn't to be interrupted while working (and I'm afraid that wasn't negotiable; as it was I was getting by on 4-5/hr sleep each night) and that I just did not have time for tantrums. So I think the lid is coming off somewhat now.<br><br>
Oh, my poor girl.<br><br>
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