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Another Advocacy Idea

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You know how the gay and lesbian community has an awards show for positive gay/lesbian stuff in the media? Well, what if we did something like that for breastfeeding? It wouldn't need to be televised or anything (although that WOULD be great). Maybe just a big dinner? We could have awards for postive breastfeeding images/info in movies, television shows, commercials, news programs. Then we can have awards for doctors, nurses, lactation consultants who went beyond the call of duty.... We could have awards for companies that went out of their way to make it easy for working women to keep breastfeeding. Of course, the most important awards would go to individual mothers...maybe ones who overcame adversity or ones who work hard at advocacy.

Some possible sponsors could be LLL, Mothering magazine, AAP, American Academy of Family Physicians, Dr Sears family (I'm guessing they have a lot of money!). I'm sure all the formula companies would want to help sponsor it, but we'll just show them the door.

Oh, maybe also the government agency that's involved with the new ad campaign could help to.

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That's a really great idea. I wonder if we could start work on a form letter to mail to potential sponsers. We could all work on ideas for it like everyone has been so great about with the letter I'm working on to my pedi.

I can't wait to see what others think
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I think it is great. Another group gives awards for positive non-smoking images (or maybe it was dings for negative smoking images?) so we would be in good company.
I love it. That would be a wonderful thing.
I love it too! could I be a presenter? I choose to present the award of best nurser of the year, together with Dr Jay Gordon, ok? if he's not available... then, mmmm, I guess I can present

but yes, it's a super cool idea!!
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