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another af question

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My dd is 13.5 months. I got my 1st pp af about 2 weeks ago, started March 9th. It seemed to be a normal period. Minor cramping, regular flow, about 5 days long. Fast forward to March 23rd. More minor cramping. Then yesteday, (the 24th) I start bleeding again. And it's like a period again.
So I get the pleasure of 2 af's this month? Ugh! Anyone else experience this? I have heard of periods being irregular, but I thought that would mean I would have longer cycles, not shorter ones.
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Mine were very short for months until I started taking herbs to lengthen my cycle. Not very much fun huh.
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I have heard of that. I had the reverse... mine came when DD was 13 months, 15 months, 17 months, and then every month. Hope you'll have more regular cycles soon.
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Something similar happened to me w/DD.

I got AF back at 11.5 months, then again w/in 20 days, then it started to lengthen out and I ended up spacing out to somethink in the 40+ day range and then got pg with DS.

When AF returned with DS I was immediately very regular w/an appx 28 day cycle (which has now lengthened again, but YEARS later).
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