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another "am I in labour" thread

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Well, woke up about 45 mins ago with intense pressure in my pelvis, went to toilet, peed, and had several lose BM's and felt warm liquid/mucusy stuff coming out of me which was blood tinged (bloody show?) now I am having sharpish pains low down in my uterus every 1-2 mins for about 30 secs or more and I have to breathe through this labour, or the beginning? I guess it can start off this way and then move up into the back and rest of uterus? It certainly feels like something is happening, and I gush a small amount of warm liquidy blood tinged stuff with some of them...
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Sounds quite promisingly labory to me! Hope you get to relax and enjoy your experience!
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It could! Or it could be the stuff you drank (didn't you post about taking castor oil on the other thread)? Hoping for you it's the real deal!

My "real" contractions with my DD's labor were always low down, btw, so they don't necessarily have to move up to be productive. Good luck mama!
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Sounds like it! Good luck, mama!
Sounds like labor to me!
so, I WAS in ,labour... from about 3:30 am till about 11 am with contractions 3-5 mins apart and getting longer and stronger starting at about 30 secs, then 45 then about a minute by the end...then I got tired, laid down for a minute and they began to peter out and bcome irregular. Walking didn't help, even homeopathics. MW checked me and my cervix is no longer posterior and was 1.5 cm dilated (major progress from 24 hours before). She suggested I have a big glass of wine and try to sleep through the night as I was still having contrax every 15 mins-1/2 hour. I did that and di sleep somewhat, but it's like they turned into one big long contraction every hour or two and made me have to sue the bathroom...very intense, but I slept in between. Still having diarhea, and bloody "show"/mucus every time I pee...she thinks I could go into actual active labour in the net few days, so we're going to wait and see and if I haven't by fRiday I get an ultrasound and NST and consult with ob (I'll be 14 days past my EDD) and if all is well continue on for a few more days and hope baby come sby then, I'm sure it will... this on and off labour is a bit exhausting!
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Oh, mama! Hang in there. Will be thinking of you and waiting for more news!
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