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We are going to buy a Radian XLST for DS2 who is almost 5 months. He is a tall, chunky monkey like DS1 and I figure I'll get the most bang for my buck there. DS1 outgrew the Marathon RF by 2.5 years.

What about for my mom's car? She watches the kids usually once a week, sometimes twice. We have a Nautilus for DS1 in her van and are looking to get something for her to have DS2. Pretty soon he will be out of his Chicco 30 in our car (just 'cause I can't continue to lug him around in there and he HATES the car seat! - and I know I could leave the seat in the car and take him in and out, but it's been in the subzero weather here and it's just to cold to be standing next to the car to load and unload him!). He still has room in the Chicco, so I'm thinking I could have my mom use that for a while. But then what?? The Radians are so darn expensive. I want something to keep him RF for a long while. Thoughts? I'm trying to plan ahead with my tax refund monies!!
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