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Another check out my NB stash thread...

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So this is what I have so far for my NB stash. Most of it is borrowed and the rest was given to me. We didn't rerally CD dd until 2 months as all I had was gerber prerfolds and wraps. And they just did not fit her at first. So what do you guys think.?

Diapers I have:
6 reuzm aios xs
10 kushies aios(to keep)
2 kushies aios (borrowed)
2 pooh aios sm?
4 sm Fuzzibunz

1 Pr prorap cover
3 Nb prorap cover
1 sm prorap cover
1 Nb diaperaps cover
2 sm dappi cover
1 blue cars aio sm?
1 bees aio sm?
3 sm wool covers
1 Nb bummis cover
2 unknown fitteds
1 gerber ? cover sm?
2 sm kissaluvs contours
6 small prefitteds

I also recently acquired:
8 Kissaluvs 0s
4 NB Bummies wraps
1 Sm bummis wrap

I am also going to buy maybe 18 preemie prefolds and 18 infant prefolds. Also, I'm thinking I'd like to get 4 or 5 small bummis wraps.

Also, does anybody know if you can snappi a kissaluivs contour?
Thanks for your opinions.
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looking good! I still need to get more. I am gonna need soooo many with twins.
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