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another de-lurker

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Following JennCz and Beastie....I've been lurking, too.

I had a miscarriage in the spring that was fairly devastating and have been extremely timid about being being super vocal about it even though I've felt exactly the same way I did with my daughter sickness-wise, saw a HB at 8 and 12 weeks, and have been feeling movement (albeit, fluttery) since ~11 weeks. Now that I'm feeling more definite movements, I'm feeling better about coming out of the woodwork.

I'm 37 (today actually...sigh) and due March 8, which is 2years and 5 days after my daughter was due, and 2years less five days than when she actually arrived. I'm excited, and admittedly slightly scared that I'll be a mama to two(!).

So, hi!, and I hope we all have happy, healthy pregnancies.
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Welcome! and Happy Birthday!!
Hi Camille!

Welcome and Happy Birthday!
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Cautious lurkers unite! I'm glad I'm not the only one, and I'm super glad that you're also taking the plunge.

Happy birthday, and welcome!!
Happy birthday! March 8th is our due date, too! But both my daughters were born at exactly 38 weeks, so I will be really surprised if I make it to March.
Welcome! My DD and DS are about 23.5 months apart. It's fantastic! Wishing you an anxiety-free H&H 9
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