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Another Diaper Party, NE Ohio reminder!

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reminder for any Mothering members in Northeastern Ohio! This Friday (June 11th) at 2pm. meet and greet, learn about, try out, kids play, yummy snacks, lots of diapers, slings, pouches, ABC style(are those what the soft back carriers are called?) back carriers, clothes, and fun.

the first diaper party was such a success, and so much fun, we are doing it again, and this time expanding to lots of different local WAHM's with all their wares!

pm me for directions/more info!

I cross posted this in Babywearing, too!
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I'll be there! Can we bring diapers to show and tell? Are other mamas? I don't wanna be the only weird one coming with diapers to pet!! :LOL
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well, of course...i know i would love to pet them (since you stole them from me in the TP :LOL)

Its definately a show and tell!
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