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Another Dumb question....

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You can tell my last pregnancy was a total and utter unplanned one huh?


I had EWCM on the 18th. It's now 13 days past that, still no sign of AF, but I'm having some very mild cramping, with no AF. *I NEVER EVER have experienced cramps Sans AF. They always happen WITH AF, never ever before*

Now, could implantation cause cramping?
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Early pregnancy could... both times I have gotten pregnant I would swear up and down that my period was about to come, because it felt just like PMS. And I would be crampy and just know my period was about to come, and of course it never did...

take care

Last night I slept with a CPF in my undies *I don't have any pads* just in case it was AF acting all wonky. I'm still crampy and still no af.

now, the cramps aren't painful, just down right annoying, I had a hard time sleeping last night because of em. If this booger is implanting, I want it to get done and over with soon, this is annoying! lol
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Still no AF, just some pink spotting. Keep your fingers crossed that that's all it is!

Saturday Morning is only 2 days away! *When I'll test if I don't get af* I wanna be pregnant waaah
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