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Another ER visit...

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I went to the hospital today after I had some bleeding. It was a pretty good amount, but not as much as a period. I had a car accident to Fri, that was a pretty good hit, but I was fine, so I didn't go in. Then this morning the bleeding. I got an ultrasound, and everything looked good, and they said they couldn't tell where the blood was coming from, and sometimes you just bleed for no reason during pregnancy? At 12 weeks, I've never heard of that being nothing. I'm still worried, but the bleeding has stopped for now. Has this ever happend to anyone else? Random bleeding at 12 weeks?
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I can't say as it's happened to me, but I wanted to send you some STICKY vibes and
. I hope all is well. Make sure you rest as much as possible for the next few days. It could be a way of telling you to relax and keep yourself low for a while, ya know?

hope you find nothing is wrong and all is well... I was in a car accident when 6 mos preggie with DD and was FREAKED out for a few weeks afterward. *sigh* She is a perfect little girl, though, so it can turn out all well.
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Awww sweetie...
. How scary, the accident and the bleeding. Just assume they were telling you accurate info about the bleeding, unless your mommy instinct tells you otherwise. It's good that it's stopped! Just rest up as Tori suggested! I wish you well!
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I had a gush of blood when I was preggo with Malachi around that stage. It ended up being a pocket of blood way up high somewhere. (can tell I am no medical professional lol) I am so glad that everything looks good!!!!!

Thanks you guys!

I don't know what is going on, I have spotting sometimes and sometimes nothing when I go to the bathroom. But it's still just a little. I really wish I knew where the blood was coming from! This is so frustrating...
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Try and rest Heather. I know, I know... it is easier said then done. I'll be thinking about you!
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