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Another example of tribal "justice" in India

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On the tail of the story about the lady in Pakistan...
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It's like something out of the Middle Ages to me. Can you even begin to imagine being in this poor woman' situation? It even sounds like she's losing her children, and they are losing their mother. Sick. Sick and evil.
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According to The Dawn, following the panchayat's ruling, the police were called in, took statements from Imrana and her mother-in-law, and now there is a warrant for the arrest of her father-in-law, the alleged rapist.

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This is very bizarre indeed, but I think especially in India, once the people hear of a rape of this kind, and of the panchayat's ruling, they will demand the father-in-law's head on a platter, unless he finds some way to twist it to make it her fault.

The really sad thing about whatever the outcome is is that she has nowhere to go--her own family turned against her, she can't trust her husband to protect or support her, and his family is obviously crazy. I wonder what effect this kind of international attention is having on the villages in S. Asia. Probably none.

Hey, Sarihah, any more news on Mukhtaran Bibi/Mai? I've been searching, but can't find any more news on what's happening. So distressing.

Kam, mamamama! to Meg
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When we lived in India, one of the daily papers we got was the Asian Age. Sadly, these kind of stories hit the news there all the time. Many times, the wife has often then died in a "mysterious kitchen fire."

So, what would happen if her husband raped her? Seriously, then wouldn't she "have to" marry him.

I just don't get this.
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Maybe with the press, there are/is a woman's group of some sort willing to step in.
I saw a government movie made for the theater about "kitchen accidents" It was full of song and dance and drama but it was an eye opener too.
A perfect example of when religion goes too far:

Police are now investigating and say they plan to arrest the father-in-law. They refuse to comment on the village elders' ruling, saying it is a sensitive religious issue.
Uh, sorry, no!

Damien, posting under dw's account
That makes me so sick.
that is *not* religion
there are so many things wrong with this case i dont even know where to start.

these are a bunch of "elders" who are making up rules in some backward, doesn't-even-make-a-shred-of-sense situation that has nothing to do with religion.

1. in islam, a woman's fatherinlaw is her mahram (like a blood relative)--any sexual relation between them (even if she got divorced or her husbnad died) would be INCEST because he is like her own father by virtue of marrying his son
--under islamic law, if/when he was found guilty he would/should get the death penalty for committing adultery and incest

2. getting raped is not a sin, being a rapist is. she is not in the wrong and has no reason to be punished by either her family or the 'elders'. she has no need to be "purified" :puke especially not by some weird made-up time of 7 months and 10 days

3. i'm not sure if she's now expected to sleep with this man (praying to God she does not and she is protected from this evil) but if so, then it's considered incest/adultery--she can never be his "wife" because islamically she is at the same level as his own daughter --this can never ever be a halal (permissible) relationship even if her husband and the entire world agreed it was ok

I pray she gets out of this situation and away from all these ignorant, DISGUSTING, vile people
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