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Another ?? for Signing Mamas

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I've got the book. Read it a little bit. When do you start doing it? Our DS is only 3 months old, but I want to start early so that he can learn everything. When do you think is best? What cues do you look for?
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what book? You can start signing with your baby whenever you want. Choose signs that you'd use often & come naturally, like "milk," "more," "all done/finished" etc. signing consistently with your baby will allow him to soak it in the way he soaks in spoken language. Typically, a baby is ready to sign back to you before s/he is ready to speak.

In our case, dd signed "more" at 8 months, & spoke her first 2 words at 9 months. Not a big difference but she had gross motor developmental delays & needed a year of PT. while she was focused on motor development, her expressive language slowed down greatly. Signing saved us from a lot of frustration! Again, when she was 2.5, she developed chronic fluid in her ears & had a moderate hearing loss for 3 months before she got tubes. Again, signing to the rescue

Ok, blathering on about us (insert blushing smilie). Sorry about that. Definitely sign to him in naturally occuring contexts (nursing, diaper changes, etc.). The more you sign the more comfortable you'll become signing & the easier it will be for all of you!
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i use the site and just pick a few signs at a time, stuff that we use everyday already. it's cool!
The book I have suggests starting around 6 months, but I figured it wouldn't hurt her in any way if I started earlier. I'd guess I started around 4 months, but kept forgetting and wasn't really consistent until closer to 5. DD is now 8 months, and has understood the milk sign for a long time. She also understands the verbal word "nurse" (which I say when I sign the milk sign). If I say the word or show the sign and she's hungry, she makes little grunty noises, or plows her head into my chest if she's on my lap. Or sometimes she just gives me a huge grin, lol. No sign of her signing back at this point, but I'm not concerned. We just started introducing the "bath" sign (she stares at me intently when I do it), and I also sign "kitty", except she's usually looking at the cat and not me, lol.
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A really great site I found while researching ASL is

While it is not just for babies, the author of the site does have a section for Baby's First.

We've been working with our daughter for about a year and she really has a great time with them. It really helped with the beginnings of communication. There were obvious times where we avoided tantrums
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We started at about 4 mo. when dd was more alert and into watching us. You can start whenever - they'll pick up on it w/ repeated use. Generally in the beginning, babies receptive use will be greater than their expressive use, just like with oral language.

elly is 4.5m and i have been signing "milk" off and on for awhile now. i think she totally understands it, she does like a pp said - grins`and plows into my chest if thats what she wants. ds did not use his first sign (more) til 15m - we started around 8m with him - but he also had a language delay in general.
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