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Another IUD question...

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Hello everyone- I'm new here. I've been reading through your posts trying to find an answer to my question, but can't seem to find one. Hopefully you can help...

How long did you bleed after the insertion of your IUD??

I got the Paragard (copper) IUD inserted April 3rd- day 6 of my cycle. It was also my first cycle after my c-section in Sept. A couple days after insertion, my period lightened up & I thought it would be done. Boy was I wrong. It has since then gotten progessively heavier- heavy enough for tampons (even though I only use them if I absolutely have to).

I've experienced MAJOR cramping (which I heard was normal) and yesterday I developed flu like symptoms. I have a major headache, joint/muscle aches & pains, extreme fatigue (even though I didn't sleep a wink night before last), loss of appetite, and yesterday only I had a slight fever (101)... today though, my body temperature is low (97.2) with all the same symptoms.

At first I passed off my symptoms because my husband has a cold and I figured he passed it on to me, but then I started to wonder if maybe it could have something to do with the IUD.

Just wondering if anyone has experienced this- mostly the bleeding- before I called the Dr. I'm one of those people that HATE to call the Dr. unless I absolutely KNOW something is wrong.
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My period was normal. I got the IUD on the second or third day and it ended on day five like it always does.
I actually had no post-IUD insertion bleeding with my paragard - what you have sounds like something you need to check with the doctor for. If you got an infection and that was what was causing your symptoms, it could be serious! Please call your doctor! The bleeding could be unrelated to the fever and your other symptoms, which aren't normal.
I didn't have any bleeding, and no flu-like symptoms like what you have. I would call the doc (and I'm like you - I don't call unless I NEED to).
go. straight. to. your. doctor.
I wasn't bleeding when the Paragard was inserted, but I did have some spotting and cramping. I didn't have periods yet at that point. I did have a lot of side effects from the IUD and I feel so much better now that it is gone. I had really heavy periods, cramping, moodiness, and other symptoms that lead me to believe I had copper toxicity. I believe there is another thread on this forum that talks about that. It might be too soon for copper toxicity, but there are other side effects and problems associated with the copper IUD, so it would be a good idea to call your doctor right away.
i will call tomorrow (i cant get in until thursday anyway)- my 6mos dd has developed a slight fever, so i'm starting to think it really is the flu. i'm still going to call the about the bleeding.
my first iud i had random bleeding, for a week or so... like, i thought i had my period but then i bled again about two weeks later, plus i would start bleeding again every time we had sex for about the first two months.

my second one i didn't bleed at all.

i think it would be good to check with your doctor.
well that sounds like me and mine had perferated my uterus and was poking my bladder...go see your dr right away! If they can't get you in, go to the can affect your fertility for life!

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My period was normal. I got the IUD on the second or third day and it ended on day five like it always does.
Yep, same here
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I didn't bleed w insertion, sorry if that doesn't help. hope everything is ok. i'd go to dr.
*******they NEED to check your uterus for tenderness. If you are, pared with your other symptoms, you could have endometritis ( an infection of the uterus which can happen with IUD insertion). They thought I had it after my paragard was inserted 3 weeks ago, fever of 101, full body malaise, cramping and I had to take a theraputic dose of azithromycin. I have several follow up appts. for ultrasounds, etc, to make sure everything is okay. It could just be the flu though, you should not take any chances.
sorry for the late update...

it turns out that I had an extremely bad sinus infection and the bleeding stopped pretty much almost immediately after I posted this. (strange, huh?). The doctor said my bleeding was in fact normal b/c it was my first period postpartum and it will take a couple cycles to get back into the swing of things.

Thank you everyone for your advice. I am going this week to get my ultrasound done to make sure the IUD is in its proper place.
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