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Another multiplication trick

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I can't remember what thread it was that had a bunch of multiplication tricks in it, but I found a new one and I wanted to share. This is similar to anther trick someone else posted, but I don't think it's the same. If it's already been posted, oh well.
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Now that's a lot faster than finding a calculator, and way more accurate than my memory.
oooh look at this one. i dont think this has been posted before.

i am sooo excited in finding this one. how cool and what a reflection of culture.

chinese multiplication
OK, this is driving me nuts. I get it to work for everything except 6x6 and 6x7.


Originally Posted by obiandelismom View Post
It works for 6x6 : 20 + 16.
6x7 : 30 + 12

Thanks, I was having a brain fart--I figured it out after I posted.

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That's awesome! I'll have to show it to my multiplication-memory challenged 8 year old! She loves tricks!
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