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Another name thread

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So, if I get to choose names (dh still has a week and a half to input before I go solo!) I'm using grandma's names. Mine for 1st and his for 2nd/Hebrew. Well...we each only have 2 each so I'm needing more. I have a lot of Hebrew names that I like so that isn't an issue, but for English names...why is it so hard?

The 2 I have are Vivian and Madalyn (not sure which spelling to use) so I'd like something that kind of flows off the tongue. My only other choice woud be Morgan which was my g-grandma's maiden name. But when combined with the other 2 I think it might sound a little boy-ish.

So far I've gotten suggestions for Carolyn, Violet, Victoria, Abigial, Scarlet and Stella. None jump out at me.

Any ideas?
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Would it be bad for me to vote for Victoria! I really like my name.
I really like Stella too!
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It might be easier to come up with names if I knew the Hebrew names you were using as middle names
Cause middle and first names should flow together, you know?

But hmmm... you've got two "n" ending names. You may want to either have all three end in "n" or only do one ending in "n" and mix the other two up.

I love the name Violet. And Zoe (tho that's a bit popular right now). I think those two really "go" with Madalyn -- I'm not as fond as Vivian, b/c I know a Viv, and um... yeah, don't like her much!

I'll try to think of more...
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I absolutely love the name Violet. If it didn't sound dreadful with dh's last name, I might have used it.

I also think "Vivian, Madalyn and Violet" sounds nice! Not sure if you want to have 2 "V" names and one non-V, though. I also like Abigail a lot, particularly as a Jewish name.

The other one that came to mind was Grace (MY dh's grandma--so it would be still be a g'ma name!), which I think sounds pretty with the other two (and I kind of like mixing it up so that they're not all 3-syllable names).

I don't like Madalyn and Carolyn together.

Out of curiosity, what Hebrew names are you using for their middle names?
Sarah, Yehudit and Simcha are the Hebrew names from my list. (Sarah is non-family and the other 2 are dh's grandmothers.)

DH's choices are Sarah, Rivka and Rachel. (We had a group of women in Hebron praying for us, so he thinks it is appropriate.)

I'm leaning towards Vivian Sarah, Madalyn Yehudit and something Simcha, but it isn't cast is stone. Other options for Sarah were Chava, Yael or Beruriah.

I do like Grace. It's my aunt's name so that would keep the family connection there and we could then go with one of dh's aunts' names for the 3rd Hebrew name. Hmmmm....
I Love Yael.
Food for thought: names seems to sound best when the first and middle don't have the same number of syllables...

IMHO using the names you've suggested, I like:

Sarah Yael
Madelyn Rachel
Vivian Rivka

As for other names, What about Evelyn, Ilana, Rebecca, Tamar (most hebrew, I know) I was going to say Miriam until I saw your sig!
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I like Stella - and I have to say I just LOVE Vivian!

Originally Posted by mimid
DH's choices are Sarah, Rivka and Rachel...

I'm leaning towards Vivian Sarah, Madalyn Yehudit and something Simcha, but it isn't cast is stone. Other options for Sarah were Chava, Yael or Beruriah.

I do like Grace...
How about:

Vivian Sarah/Simcha/Rachel/Yael
Madalyn (or Madelyn?) Simcha/Rivka/Rachel/Yael
Grace Yehudit/Rivka/Simcha

Good luck! We're having enough trouble with just one name pair, I can imagine it's quite difficult with three!
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beautiful, classic names! Love them!

Vivian, Madalyn and Miriam comes to mind.
Vivian, madalyn and Violet sounds BEAUTIFUL - I LOVE the name Violet!
Vivian, madalyn and Evelyn - I have always loved that name too.

Good luck!
I'm getting like this
just reading your name choices!
Good luck choosing!
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Originally Posted by busybusymomma
I'm getting like this
just reading your name choices!
Good luck choosing!


We don't have a clue and we're just trying to come up with 1!
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I, of course, vote for Yael over Sarah (as that's my Hebrew name

I'll think some more on this...
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I love Sarah from the Hebrew choices too - it's elegant yet easy to say cross-culturally too.

And Vivian is a gorgeous name - I'm a BIG fan of Vivian Westwood, the fashion icon. It also reminds me of those siren actresses of the silver screen.
I love Vivian. It's classic, unusual, and beautiful. Sounds lovely with Sarah, too.
Thanks everyone! DH is finally starting to talk about it. I reminded him about his deadline. He is now thinking we should name after grandmothers
, but doesn't think he likes Madalyn. We'll see how it all shapes up and if he changes his mind again!
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