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Hi ladies!! My name is Noelia. I have 2 children, both in cloth. Maddie is 2 and Nathan is 9 months. I started cd-ing 5 months ago. At first I was only going to put ds in cloth, but after I made the switch for him I couldn't keep dd in sposies. I am quite the addict. I have a great stash, but I can't stop buying!! Anyway, I finally wanted to introduce myself and jump in!

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Ok my stash:
1 Phunkymama wool cover
1 Aristocrat
1 BBH Wool-in-One
1 RB wool shell set
4 Sugarpeas wool covers
12 CPF's-standard
24 CPF's-infant to stuff pocket dipes
28 Happy Heiny's
6 Sugarpeas fitteds
1 Sugarpeas snap in
5 Liz's cloth fitteds
2 SOS fitteds
1 Gabriel Baby fitted
2 Crickett's Hemp fitteds
7 Polar Babies hemp prefolds
1 Strawberry N Sunshine fitted
1 Poochies from Dancing Giraffes
3 7th Heaven Baby fitteds
1 Mom and Me Creations fitted
2 Samuel Soakers prefolds-M&M Creations
2 Free Range Baby AIO's
1 Granny's Ark AIO
misc. doublers

I think that's it.

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Originally posted by blazfglori

You bought that Strawberries ~N~ Sunshine dipe from ME! :LOL

How's it working out for ya?....errr....your little one?
I thought I recognized your name!
It works very well. THanks for asking

Hiya Linda and Andrea!

Thanks for the welcome ladies!

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Hey Noelia! Good to see you!

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