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another newbie diaper maker:) # of yards of pul to buy...(m)

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hi ladies
just had some questions about # of yards to buy for diapers--i plan to make pocket dipes w/ pul outer and mm microfleece inner; how may dipes could i make out of each yard? (size med..abt 12-20lbs)

also is 100% polyester thread ok?
what type of aplix is ok? r there certain brandnames or its all called aplix?
what size/type of elastic will work best?

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You can probably get six diaper cuts from a yard if it's 60" wide, four if it's 45". The more you do, the better your yield, since you can interlock the diapers and get more, if that makes any sense at all.

As far as I know, aplix is aplix.

100% poly thread is fine, and in fact the best for AIO's, since it doesn't wick.

I would think 1/4" elastic would be fine. Different people have different preferences. I used swimsuit elastic (kind of beige colored stuff) I got at the regular fabric store for most of my early's totally shot now, but it lasted fine through nearly two years of constant use!! Now I'm using Lastin, which I totally love, and it supposed to last forever. You can get it at One Stop Diaper Shop . You need to be able to do a three-step zig-zag, though.

Most mom's use 3/8" for the med-large diapers and 1/4 for newborn and small.
well i've been using stretchrite in my diapers for 3.5 years and it's still going strong even though the flannel i used in my first fitteds is quite holey!
in addition to the great advice by pinky - you'll want to use ballpoint needles on pul (to create the smallest hole possible) and also to wash/dry your items on hot after making them before use to seal the holes in the pul...
are you making pockets or just aio's w/ snapins?
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