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Another plane question

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Dd will be 12 weeks when we are planning our first plane trip. It is long with two legs of 2.5 hours each. I live in the middle of nowhere so one leg is in a 30 seat puddle jumper which are very loud and the pressure is pretty bad. I know that nursing on take off and landing are recommended. Do you all wait until baby protests to nurse? Dd is a speed nurser and will only stay on for about 10 minutes max at a time which will not cover the entire take off time. Would a pacifier have the same effect if the breast is refused?

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I had to fly from Philadelphia to Australia when my dd was five months old! I never thought we would survive but it wasn't really as bad as I had imagined. I think the nursing thing is really about sucking so a pacifier should do the same thing. My dd was great about nursing and nursing and nursing. She would often fall asleep while waiting to get on the plane and then I would get her to latch on while she was sleeping and just keep jostling (sp?) her every time she would stop sucking.

A word about seat belts. On the Quantas flight they had this great belt that went around my belt and then around the baby. This way she wasn't buckled in with me but still buckled in. You should ask and see if they have one of those. It was really just a short seat belt like the one the flight attendents use to demonstrate how you are supposed to use your belt.

Good luck!
A pacifier seemed to work just as well as nursing for my ds when he was 6 months old. We had two legs of the trip and for the most part he nursed for take off and landing, but when he didn't nurse long enough the pacifier worked. Landing is supposed to be harder on the ears than take off. I tried to start nursing when the plane started descending and and kept nudging him to get him to suck if he wanted to stop.

As far as the loud plane goes, one leg of our trip was on a sea plane and ds really seemed to like the loud and steady noise. He nursed right to sleep and slept through the flight. Good luck to you!
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