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Another, please tell me

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EXACTLY how you wash your wool. I mean EXACTLY!!!! How often do you wash? How often and HOW TO lanolize???? PLEASE help me out
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I wash every 2-3 weeks or when smelly or soiled.
To wash:
I draw tepid water in the sink or a large bowl. Add about 1 tsp Euculan wool wash swish wool around then gently squeeze the water out roll up in a towel then hang to dry.
I do the same with my lanolin bars only I gently rub the bar on my wool in this case (great for poopies lol) .

I've NEVER had to do a full lanolization process on my wool
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I probably only wash my wool once per month, unless it gets soiled.

I use a WOW bar and gently rub it over the soaker just enough to get a little suds. Then I squeeze the suds through a few times and swish it around a little. If I rinse, it is just to remove extra suds, not a thorough rinsing.

To lanolize, I turn soaker/cover inside out. In a jar, I put warm, not hot, water; a drop of baby shampoo, and about 1" on lanolin. I shake it all up and pour it over the soaker, starting in the wetzone and working it into the rest of the soaker. Then I squeeze out the excess, roll in a towel and stand on it to remove water, and lay over a fan to dry.

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