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another prefold question

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I'm in the market for some indian prefolds -- trying to find the best deal. I can get a dozen on ebay for $15, but shipping is over $8 (yuck!), although she did offer a prewash service for $3 (which would be really useful because we have trouble getting our washer water hot enough for prewashes). In the diaper hunt, I found that Angel Dry diapers has a dozen infant IPF's for $19, but I couldn't find anything about shipping. The EC store has them for $1.80 each -- but actually closer to $1.50 each if buying 12 or more. Mommy's little Sweetie has regular Indian prefolds for $16 per dozen, and she has washed them twice already -- so only one more wash is needed. Again, not sure on shipping.

So, I'm trying to decide the best deal on a dozen IPF's -- and I'm also trying to decide between infant size and regular. DD is over 11 pounds right now -- I have six infant size IPF's. I also have six premium size IPF's for DS (over 24 pounds now). I'm really not sure what to do here... any help would be appreciated!!!
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I got mine from Ebay, Granitesmith Diapers. If that is the seller that you are looking at i had a nice experience. She was really nice to deal with, and if you buy more than 1 doz she gives you a good shipping deal. I bought 2 doz diapers and 4 covers and it all shipped 2-day fed-ex for $9.
I haven't bought ipf's before, but I have bought from Granitesmith Diapers before and had a really good experience. Great ebay seller.
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I bought my IPF's from Granitesmith on Ebay too. I felt that the price was great for the dozen. Shipping is about average as pf's are really heavy.
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I also agree that granitesmith is a great person to buy from.
That isn't the seller I was referring to, but I'll check her out.

Any suggestions on whether I should stick with infant or go to regular size? Are the regulars a bit longer than infants? Like I said, I already have six infants and six premiums. But, I just sold my last dozen of cpf's, so I need to replace them with something.
Okay -- update -- granitesmith has IPF's in the infant size. BUT she is gone on vacation until June 17th.

Mommies little sweetie or whatever that store is called has the regular size indian prefolds for $16 per dozen and a flat shipping rate of $4 -- so $20 for a dozen regular IPF's that are already prewashed two times. This sounds like a good deal to me. What think you?
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