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Another Question...(sorry!)

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I want to thank-you all for being so paitent as I ask fifty billion questions...

I'm wondering about the washing of cloth diapers, what detergent to use. I keep reading about All Free & Clear, but I'm highly allergic to All...not sure about F&C but don't really want to take the chance of me breaking out in a rash on my arms or legs from having DS's diapered bottom resting there constantly. Sooo...can I use Cheer Free & Gentle? Cheer is one of the few detergents I can use without breaking out in a horriable rash. Also is Dreft a no-no?

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She can use Cheer; but, no F&C on fleece right?
b/c I don't use fleece and I use a natural detergent.

Don't worry about the ?'s.
: We've all been there.
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I had this same question and many people told me purex or allens naturally. I use purex without problems so far.
You can use pretty much any detergent but I think the trick with cloth diapers is that a little detergent goes a long way. I use Era and I use maybe 1/8 of the recommended amount.
Where do you get Allens detergent? Do you have to get it off the 'net or is it at Wal-Mart?
Do you have a natural/health food store in your area? That's where *I've* found it. And if they don't stock it then ask if they can order it.
I think you should use whatever you're using that currently works for you. If it doesn't work on your baby's diapers, THEN you can find something else. Don't borrow trouble.
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