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Another reason i love Breastfeeding

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DD2 fell over on the 13th and has broken her arm.
DH took her the day after and ha a temp cast fitted. we went back today to see a consultant and get a proper cast fitted.

the plaster tech looked at the temp cast and said it looked prefect and would it be better to complete it instead of taking it off and doing a new one. consultant agreed.

DH and DD2 sit down and she starts getting upset and wants mummy, so i sit down, put ehr on ym knee and offer her the breast. she takes it and spends the next 10 mins alternating between crying and nursing while the lady adds the hard layer to the cast. DD hardly moved at all. it was quick and the tech was amazed how still DD sat and was amazed at the fact i am nursing an almost 19 month old. and that im 22 weeks pregnant!

it also helped me feel a bit better about it all as i couldnt go with her to the ER when she got her xrays etc. i coul dnt help her yesterday, but i could today.

we have to go back in 2 weeks to get it checked and maybe get the cast off, they have to use a cast saw which is noisy and a bit scary, and i will be able to nurse her throught it again.

nursing is wonderfull

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Hope you DC feels better soon. I agree nuring is a wonderful soother.
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