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Another round of changes!

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Holy cow! I am ravenesouly hungry and desperately thirsty ALL day long. I wake up at night starving and needing to eat and drink as much as I can. I'm dead tired during the day to the point of hoping DD will nap. I fight to keep my eyes open yet when bedtime comes I'm hit with a bout of insomnia until about 1 or 2 am. When I finally get to sleep I wake up only to eat and drink. At night it's things like apples sprinkled with salt......
I had two the other night.
During the day it's not even nutrient dense's things packed with calories like breakfast burritos (microwaveable from the gas station) and other "crap" food.
The only fruit I have in the house right now is grapes and I so want to salt something...certainly not those!
The only place close enough right now (I'm carless with a 22 month old) is the gas station....enabling crap food and no fruit. I want an apple with salt!

I sure don't remember this with DD!
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You are becoming the stereotypical "pickles and ice cream" pregnant woman!!

I was desperately thirsty at night (and it had to be lightly carbonated mineral water ((not just carbonated water))). I keep a litre of it by my bedside. I'm also a "salt-a-holic" and find balsamic vinegar satisfying because it's just a tinge sweet, but also sour. I eat cucumbers and lettuce drenched in the stuff with a dash of Lawry's season salt - MMMM. I don't know if I'd salt an apple, but then again, I've never tried it. Bummer about the gas station and no car. I think if I was in your situation back in the States, I may be a Papa John's garlic "butter" junkie!!!! Or even Chinese food delivery... MMMMM - gosh I'm missing home. I'm a big one for following your cravings, that it's your body telling you something - so enjoy. Have you tried salted nuts to munch along with the grapes???
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Oh man....I love Papa John's!!! There is nothing where I am at. The population just barely got over 3 thousand.

After I found out I was pregnant I had a HUGE craving for pickles so I sent DH and he, being the smarty pants he is, brought it back with ice cream...just so he could say he did it for his pregnant wife.

We are headed to my MIL's house later on for Sunday dinner and I cannot wait..she almost always does mashed potatoes and those are the quickest way to heaven for me.
I hope she made some today....mmmm butter and salt......

I think I need to go grocery shopping.
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4 the Papa John's garlic butter!!!!
I'm also craving all kinds of junky food now. One healthy craving though--salad with really garlicky lemon and olive oil dressing on it. MMMM.
I so want pizza now. The only palce here in town that has it is closed and I have no way to get to the next town! So sad. If my MIL would answer her phone I might have a way in....I I NEED cheese pizza.

Given that I am on a cheese kick I'm hoping that means a girl...I did it with DD so why wouldn't it apply again?
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Sorry about starting the pizza thing....
Pizza here isn't the same, and it's not different "good."

I'm lucky, my dh is from Ireland, and mashed potatoes are his "quick and easy" food. I make a casserole with bacon bits and cheese on top....

Hope dinner at MILs was good! Emmas Mommy got me craving bbq chicken (from her spotlight thread) and I tried to get the grill going last night but it was too windy here, and broiling it just wouldn't do.
: I had a hissy fit, and dh took over dinner since I was in such a mood. Lovely pregnancy hormones!!

Go away wind, baby wants BBQ!!!
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LOL I had more cravings with DD than this one. My favorite with her was california rolls. So far I have been craving broccoli cheese soup. I ate it every day for almost two weeks! I have also been craving fish which I almost never eat. I had salmon the other day and it was SOOO good. Too bad stuff doesn't taste the same when you aren't pregnant.
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