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Another sick Betta fish

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Back in October our beloved Betta Jak-Jak died, and he was replaced with Syndrome. This morning my son went to see his fishies, and Violet was swimming around happily, but he couldn't find Syndrome. After poking around a bit I found him under the filter. I turned the filter off and moved it, and he swam out, but now he's just kind of floating around and doesn't look great. I don't know if he was sick and went under there to hide or if he got trapped somehow. Please keep your fingers crossed that Syndrome's okay!
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I hope your little finned friend is okay. I do like fish and have had them, have 2 bettas now, but it is so hard to know sometimes what is wrong with them unless they have something obviously wrong with them. Good luck.
He seems fine now, thanks! We have two Bettas with a divider between them, so I switched them out so he was not on the same side as the filter, and he seems fine now. Honestly, I'm wondering if the little guy was just messing with me! It's hard to be a fishy mommy. Thanks for your response!
Is it a clear divider? Cuz they will try to attack through the divider and hurt themselves on it. Just a thought.
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