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Ok I've revamped my stash but still not sure if this will work for a newborn. This is my first time cloth diapering so any advice will be well received

2 dozen infant prefolds
5 fleece covers
6 Bummis covers
6 Kissaluvs size 0
2 xs Thirsties fitteds
6 BG OS (might be taking a couple back to trade for more covers)
1 Kushies pocket a friend gave m
1 AI2 type thingy a friend gave me

I'm planning on getting a couple of Thirsties covers and maybe a few more Kissaluvs if I love them as much as I think I will. I'm also thinking of trying some Fuzzi Bunz as well.

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another DDC person chiming in . . .

that does look good to me. I am also new to cloth diapering though, and am buying a ton used to 'try' - here's mine for comparison:

diaper covers:

* 3 prorap classic covers, white, size newborn
* 1 Bummis super whisper wrap size newborn
* 2 dappi nylon covers size newborn (the super cheap pull on kind)
* 2 prorap classic covers, white, size small
* 2 bummis super whipser wrap size small
* 2 gerber nylon diaper covers size small (also the super cheap pull on kind)

pocket diapers:

* 4 fuzzibunz pocket diapers size small
* 10 extra inserts/doublers
* 5 bumgenius one size diapers

fitteds and prefolds:

*13 GMD infant fitted diapers

will be getting some prefolds and flats (my mother is a HUGE fan of just using flats, so I might end up doing that)

I'd like to add some fleece and wool covers, myself. But would also take any advice

my big question is, how many covers does one really need? I'm hesitant to buy too many in newborn size in case I have a big baby
but I don't really know how many one would go through either.

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You can make it with four covers.

For a newborn stash, I'd add some small Bummis covers and small Thirsties covers as well. Think about adding some yellow plus Green Mountain prefolds as your baby will grow quickly.

If I have a third baby, I'll probably go for x-small fuzzibunz and/or X-small BumGenius AIO.

But prefolds/covers are so easy!

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