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Another strange bump thread

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DS has funny very small red bumps. They started on his belly maybe a week ago and since they didn't seem to be bothering him much I let them be, thinking they would go away. Now they are spreading, and he is itching them. They are on his thighs and belly mostly. Any ideas? I'm about to take him to that doctor.
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Ds has those and the mainstream doc called it excema.

We always see a homeopathic doctor for his excema. Its the only thing that helps. Altho, in the Health & Healing you will see a thread for Tribe for Gut Healing, where there are a few moms dealing with excema in children and changing their diets.
My son gets this when we've consumed something that he is allergic to. Maybe it's allergies?
Oh, I thought the round patches of scaly stuff was excema. (He has that too, but it has gone away since we stopped dairy.) These bumps look much different, it's not small patches, they're in a larger area. Is there somewhere I can go to look at pics of excema?
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