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Last night I went down to my parents and left the kids with them while I went shopping. While I was gone ds pooped and mom changed him. She notced that he has a big white looking spot under his foreskin. I was telling her that it was normal and called a smegma pearl. We got to talking about my older brother again who was circed at 3yo due to infection.

She still has a hard time thinking that the decision she made to agree to the circ was not really needed
I told her that she made the best decision she could at the time. She said no one in her family could tell her what to do or what was going on
so she had to trust the Dr.

It breaks my heart that she had no other choice really. My brother was in so much pain and having trouble urinating because of the swelling. There is no way to know for sure what the trouble was but I do know that after a week of abx he was peeing fine again and doing much better but they did the circ anyway

I am so thankful that I have the resources to take care of ds even if the dr may not know what to do. I look forward to the day when even parents who dont have the resources to do their own research will not be subjected to the "cut it off for any reason" mentality so prevalent with Dr's now.

I dont really know why I posted this other than to get it off my chest.
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