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Also, you can check out your options online. is a great resource b/c they carry both Jacquard Fiber Reactive dyes and Pro-Chemicals line of fiber reactive dyes (FR dyes are what you have in that kit). When you open the link to the dyes take a deep breathe b/c seeing all those color options can be a little overwhelming and exciting(kid in a candy store type of thing!) There is a great forum connected to, great for help, advice, ideas etc

But until you are able to get ahold of those extra colors Your 3 primary colors(Fuschia, Turquoise, and yellow) are quite useful. Many dyers just use those standard primaries and create new colors from them. You can either mix them in the bottle or "on the fly" by layering one color over another to get the secondary color. If you try this remember to go from lightest color to darkest so you get the best results. Paula Burch has a little bit on here sight about color mixing and you might find more discussion on the forum.

You can PM me too if you have questions

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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