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How often do you change your towels?

  • Every day/after every bath or shower and I wash the towels every day too

    Votes: 3 1.5%
  • Every day and I wash the towels every few days

    Votes: 16 7.8%
  • Every day and I wash the towels every week or so

    Votes: 3 1.5%
  • Change them every 2-3 days

    Votes: 40 19.6%
  • Change them every 4-6 days

    Votes: 34 16.7%
  • Change them every week

    Votes: 73 35.8%
  • Change them every 2 weeks

    Votes: 10 4.9%
  • Trust me, you don't want to know how infrequently we change them.

    Votes: 16 7.8%
  • I have some other perplexing method of towel usage that I will share with you below.

    Votes: 9 4.4%

Another towel question - now y'all have got me wondering!

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A new towel after each use? Really? How do you deal with all that laundry? That would be 25 or 30 towels each week in our house! That would be at least three or four loads of laundry all by themselves. Plus I can't imagine how you would deal with all those damp towels. Do you wash them daily? Do they just pile up in the hamper? If they pile up in the hamper, don't they get that mildewy funk? Please tell me how you do this. I don't think I'll start, but I'm desperately curious about how all you one-timers do it!

Plus, here's a poll, just cause they're fun.
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I chose every week, but it's not like we have a schedule for changing them or anything. I mostly change them when I happen to have spare time to do a load of laundry, and I guess that it averages out to be about once a week. Holy cripes-- to change on with every bath, for every person, that would be sometimes 35 towels a week, and more if we have guests. I only OWN about ten towels, and I'm already doing 16 to 17 loads of laundry a week. If I had to wash that many towels, I'd never have time to actually TAKE a shower, I'd be so busy washing the darn towels.
I voted everday and I wash every couple days. It's dry here so I don't worry about moldy towels. And sometimes a towel gets used more than once but generally they go down to the laundry room to be washed. DH and I are the only ones that bathe every single day, the kids, not so much

It does seem like a lot of towel, I'd say we have at least a dozen regular sized and a handful of kid towels.

My laundry is never-ending anyway. I don't mind washing towels though as they are the easiest to fold and put away/hang-up.
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My children share 2 towels between the three of them which do get laundered whenever but dh and I use a towel each. The boys wash every 2 or 3 days. Dh is away 4 days a week so he gets a fresh towel when he comes home fo those 3 days. I change mine at the same time. I guess thats about 8 towels used a week.
I wash once a week. I can't imagine doing it after every time, we don't have that many towels and I hate folding them anyways.
Every 2-3 days/
DH and I shower every other day and the kids bathe every week, so it's not as many towels as if we all bathed every single day. Our (small, not well designed) bathroom can stay pretty humid, even with the vent running, so we don't leave bath towels in there because they won't dry out well and can smell musty. I wash the towels, bathmats, and washcloths every week or so.

We don't have a ton of towels, but we have enough that I could probably get through 2-3 weeks without washing them, if we really wanted to. One shelf for ours and one shelf for the kids' (plus washcloths) in the linen closet.
I voted every 4-6 days, but it's more like if I'm doing a compatible load of laundry that needs topping off, I grab the towels to add in.
At least once a week, probably twice, maybe more.
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Once a week unless one smells really funky.

Our well would run dry if I had that much laundry!
Once a week or as needed.
I voted Trust Me, You Don't Want to Know How Infrequently I Change Them.

I change them when they seem dirty, or smell stale or bad. Lately it's seemed like I've had to use the towels for other purposes--mopping up water from the floor, so then I am lucky to get one or two showers out of them. The kids throw their towels on the floor and half the time end up getting a new towel for every shower, but I don't like that. Especially since they use thick bath towels.

I just changed my towel after two uses, but if I have my nice big towel, I might go for 2 or 3 weeks with it. I don't use it daily, however.
I get a new towel each shower because I'm paranoid that DP will use it in the meanwhile and I won't notice until I smell of man-sweat.

Yes, I'm strange.
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I voted some other perplexing method.

Bath towels get washed when I go to dry my face and I can smell the towel. If I can smell my towel, then all the towels get washed, it's just easier that way. Since I'm the one with the sensitive nose, we go by that. Usually that works out to about once a month... a little longer during the summer, a little shorter during the winter.

During the winter we'll set up a drying rack in the living room next to the heater vent to dry the towels though, since they'd never dry between showers in the bathroom. During the summer it's not an issue.
Towels get changed every 2-3 days. They get washed when I run out of clean towels. That's usually somewhere around two weeks. I'll do one big towel load with bath mats and hand towels.
Every day is NOT Earth Friendly!

Originally Posted by cristeen View Post
Bath towels get washed when I go to dry my face and I can smell the towel. If I can smell my towel, then all the towels get washed, it's just easier that way. Since I'm the one with the sensitive nose, we go by that.
What she said.

Growing up mom made us use our towels at least a week at a time because there were 7 people in our house and she refused to wash "perfectly fine towels." I don't know one person who uses a towel once and then tosses it to be washed. I didn't know people even did (outside of doing it at work) this until this board.
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About every week or ten days, depending. Though for dd1 that does work out to be a clean towel for every use.
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That the carbon footprint of washing-each use is significantly higher than weekly washing, which would really add up multiplied by the weeks/years. If you wash in cold and line dry, it's much less than warm/hot water plus dryer, but most water we use has a decent carbon footprint due to the processing that gets it to our pipes.

I wash weekly, cold water, line dry. But there are other things I do that have a big footprint, so it's just something I think about a lot lately.
I use a fresh towel every day and so does my daughter. I could probably use it for a couple of days, but I love clean towels, so it is worth it. No way could I use a towel for a week or 10 days! Even when my three kids were little, we did a clean towel for every bath. I do a lot of other things to help the earth, but washing towels so I can have a clean one every day is my indulgence. Who knows what is getting wiped on those towels when they are hanging there..... :) We don't share either.
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