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I wanted to thank everyone who posted suggestions on the recent Trader Joe's thread. I finally found time to explore our new store in NC and it is SO much bigger and better than our old store in PA!

The Peach Sauce -- I would have never tried this, but when I saw it on the shelf above the frozen foods I remembered reading here how good it was. So far I have loved it in oatmeal and vanilla yogurt, and my new favorite breakfast is TJ's Peach Sauce sprinkled with granola and microwaved. Yum!

The frozen Water Chestnut and Broccoli in Mushroom Sauce -- I actually wrote that down and made a point of looking for it. Also got some frozen shrimp to cook with it. Served it over brown rice -- my husband sends thanks to whoever suggested that!!

My own suggestion to add to the list -- TJ's green tea yogurt and caramel yogurt. I have never seen those flavors before, and boy is it nice to have a change! Although I will say when it comes to chocolate yogurt
I prefer Stonyfield's Chocolate Underground.

Hooray for Trader Joe's!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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