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Another used cast iron question . . .

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After getting some cast iron skillets off feecycle, I boiled vinegar in them and scrubbed the skillets with steel wool . . . and some, but not all, of the black coating came off. Am I supposed to try to get all the black stuff off before I can use them? Because that's years of built-up grease from who knows what, right? I thought they would stay black, but then when silver started peeking through I got confused. Any germs would bake off the pans, right?

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I didn't try it, but when I had a rusty iron pot, my dad suggested using a steel "wool" spiky brush attachment for a power drill. I actually still have the pot, but I got it for use when camping, so when we moved, it got packed with the tent-n-stuff, and we haven't camped since then, so it's still in a box somewhere.
Some of the cast iron I use (got them over 15 years ago) my Mom had gotten used and they were rusted, she boiled vinegar in them to remove the rust. I wouldn't think you would want to remove any of the black, that is the seasoning that keeps foods from sticking. Just seasoning them in the oven at the appropriate temperature would kill anything harmful from previous ownership I am certain, and just add to the seasoning of the pan.
Here is a good website with lots of info I use as a reference for my cast iron questions:
That's actually exactly why I scrubbed them--we are veggie, and are worried/grossed out about meat gunk. I'm hoping I got any that may have been there off the pans . . .
Seasoning will need to start from scratch. We did this and it works!! We got our pan from the thrift store and wanted all the 'gunk' off. Throw it in the fire inside or outside when the fire is out and cool pull it out brush off ash and Viola! a new frying pan.

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Originally Posted by tempestjewel
Here is a good website with lots of info I use as a reference for my cast iron questions:
Great website
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