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Another "vent about my family" thread...

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I just need to vent so sorry...My family (and dh's as well) are beginning to be more vocal in their comments that dd needs to be weaned. She just turned 13mo on Sunday and is still nursing for about 90% of her nutrition although I offer her solids at least twice a day. They are all just NOT happy that she is BFing now that I am almost 4 months pregnant and even though I have told them time and time again that BFing will not hurt the baby it is an uphill battle...

"Well, she should be eating now" (them)
"She is eating!!!!" (me)

If she cries - "She sounds hungry...maybe that's why she is fussing..." (them)
"She's fine, thanks." (Me)

Lets not even get started on their views about our decision not to vax (at least yet anyway), not circing this baby if it is a boy, and my homebirth plans...
Two of my cousins are pregnant now and although one is going to "try" to breastfeed the other is not even going to attempt it. They are very mainstream in their parenting views and I feel like the family spectacle! I try not to discuss these things becasue I know it will lead to a war but sometimes it is really really hard to keep my mouth shut...We are moving back to the same city where they all live so we can be closer with the kids but after the phone conversation I had today with my mother I just want to stay out here wehre I have friends who support my decisions...thanks for listening...
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Awww. I hear you!

13 months is too young to wean! They just don't understand that optimum nutrition comes from the milk that solids wouldn't provide. I was PG with DS while bfing DD. My milk gave out around 4 mo pregnant, so it sounds like you're doing really well!! Some people you just have to say only enough to appease and change the conversation. I'm definitely the family (and community!) oddball as well in regards to vax, circ, etc.

Hope things get better!
do you really want to move aroudn those ppl "just so they can be around the kids?" if you have no choice, tahts one thing...but to do it because of the kids may not be the best decision.
i try to avoid ppl that constantly question my decisions. thats not too difficult when it comes to family in this case, but i certainly wouldnt want to be CLOSE in proximity (and have my kids subjected to their care and influence) if they didn't at least respect the way i feel about parenting.
I hear what you are saying, believe me, but I really need to be closer right now. My grandma, who is actually supportive of BFing and not vaxing, is not doing very well right now. If I wasn't closer to her and anything happened I could never forgive myself. And althogh my family is vocal about disagreeing with my choices, I know they would never go against my wishes when they were watching my kids...My Mom may have a lot to say about those choices but at least she respects my decisions when Kiera is in her care. I guess I am just really torn...I feel like our families have misse dout on Kiera's life so much yet at the same time really like and need this distance...
as long as your mother is supportive, then education is probably all she needs. print out things from here, etc.
my dh was not on board with many things (co-sleeping, no vax, etc.) but when i provided him with hard data, he became supportive.
i took your OP as meaning that your families would do nothing but criticize and attempt to change your mind.
good luck
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